Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

The banner above was made using the GIMP. The ornaments in the picture are from my Christmas tree. GIMP stands for Graphic Image Manipulation Program and is a free program that is similar to Photoshop.
I enjoyed spending Christmas Day with my family. Below clockwise from Shanna are my Aunt Karen, cousin Sheryl, my Dad, my cousin Russell, Jim (Sheryl's husband) and me.
Kristin went incognito to Christmas. Russell kept calling her Lindsey.
Below is my Aunt Joann (Sheryl's mom) with her new great grandson Brayden.
The picture of Shanna below was taken Christmas night in our front yard with my camera on the night setting.
Russell and Kristin in our front yard Christmas night.
Shanna, Mocha, and me.
I had fun playing with the light settings on my camera. This is one of my favorite ornaments.
Shanna put up the little tree this year, next year I think we will put the big one up again because I had a lot of fun playing with my camera and the light settings.
Shanna put up all the lights and decorations this year. This is a picture of the front of our house Christmas night.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas this year!