Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Newest Member of the Brown Family

The Brown Family had a nice new addition this year for Christmas. The picture above represents five generations of the Browns. My maiden name is Brown. We have been very lucky in our family to have made five generations many times. When I was born I made a fifth generation on both my Mom's and Dad's side of the family. My son made another fifth generation on my Dad's side. My grandchildren Micheal and Bryanna made the first additions to a fifth generation which was the first time my Grandma Mimi became the oldest generation. My grandchildren are now joined in this generation by Brayden, my cousin Stacy's new baby. I have been the only grandparent in my generation in my family for 10 years. Now my cousin Gary joins me in grandparenthood! My Dad (Great-Uncle Denny), is standing in for his brother Gary. My Uncle Gary died when I was in my 20's, but we think about him all the time and miss him. He would have been proud of his great-grandson!
My Grandma Mimi was born in 1917 and Brayden this year in 2009. I love the idea of all the history that is represented in this picture. A living example of our family reaching back into the past before I was born and forward into the future. Time captured in this moment of our family in the present.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Toys: Cricut Create & Cricut Design Studio

After Thanksgiving I took advantage of some of the sales and got a new toy...The Cricut Create machine. I also took advantage of some online deals and bought the Cricut Design Studio. The design studio allows you to combine cartridge elements to create designs that combine the elements together. It also allows you to weld elements so that you can get any phrase or design you want created from the elements on the cartridges you own. I bought the design software on memorymiser.comBelow are my first attempts at exploring the software. I created the tag by combining and layering elements. The border below was created by welding elements together.
So now I just want to play with my new toy and scrapbook!