Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Gardening

One of the many reasons I love summer is gardening and growing vegetables. We did not plant a lot this year but what we have planted is doing pretty good so far and soon we will be able to harvest some of the summer bounty that comes from the garden. It provides both pleasure as a hobby and yummy food to munch on. I will be eating this summer squash below very soon.Shanna decided she wanted to grow a pumpkin patch for Halloween so we are growing one in the front yard. It is really taking off. Shanna is watering it in the picture below. Below are two books I like to use as for reference. Square foot gardening really works but you have to select plants that are suitable for it. I have had good luck growing things in containers as well. We planted tomatoes and peppers in containers again this year. I like to just go pull the tomatoes off the vine and eat them.


Shanalea Atchison said...

I only planted tomatoes and tomatillos, but they are coming out my ears.

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